The God-box

god boxCOLOR

There is often talk on the LHP about self deification and/or becoming a god. When I hear that I immediately want to ask “what is that based on?” Is it something you read about, heard from someone, or an experience that you are exploring? Any one of them is ok, just be clear about where it’s coming from. If it came from a book, then how is this version different than any other religious dogma that’s been written down? If you heard it from someone, are they a reliable source? If an experience, was it a waking vision, a dream or drugs? Why are you giving it any credence?

Most people who are not initiates, when they even bother to think about God, go to what I call the God box to come up with a platitude for what it might be. The God box is also a concept I use to remind myself that if I want to become a god, then I need to define for myself what it actually means? Is there even such a thing as a god?

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Going against the grain


Golden wheat growing in a farm field, closeup on ears

There are places in the North that have a strong antinomian spirit. The place I find myself in has a history of personal independence and laissez faire. A portion of the population that migrated here did so to avoid the government. Some were tired of so many laws in the south, others came here to hide from those laws. Don’t ask too many questions and leave people alone is still the way to deal with people in the smaller communities.

Under these conditions, relationships develop that are careful, and when trust is given those relationships go much deeper and require more responsibility. Living in a location / place with people who are less likely to put up with any bs has led me to consider antinomian ways in more depth.

I have two working definitions for antinomianism.

1 – Anti – against, and nome – law

2 – Self directed moral law

Number one will lead to the second. The first is the workhorse, the one I use most to break the grip of whatever might be holding me back. The second one cannot be achieved in a healthy way until I know myself to a point where my thinking and acts are my own and not the conditioning of society.

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