World building…


..sounds very big and dramatic, and it can be. Over time. After a lot of work.

We tend to see the results of years and dedicated work and then wonder how it was done, since it seems like an impossible achievement when we only see the end result and not the beginning. It probably started with somebody thinking something should exist. Why else would they start, anyway? Their motives might be very different, but a main idea to bring something new into the world is probably rather common, even if it was hundreds of years ago.


I want to begin this blog post with a disclaimer: I’m well aware that most of us need to eat, live somewhere, wear clothing, drink beer and much coffee etc, which usually means having a job and the time this takes out of our day. In this blog post I’m talking about the rest of your life. While there are things to be done about a bad job situation, even when you seem to be stuck in it, but that is a different blog post.

This is sort of a follow up to the Change part of the ‘Reframing vs Change’.. since if not reframing, then what do we do, and why? We can do things to make more of what you want.

If you look at the world you live in in your spare time, how does it look like? Is there anything you wish there was more of, something you’d want to learn, or something you miss?  World building in this context is about creating more of what you want in your world.

You very often have to create what is missing, yourself. How it can be done is often something rather simple. But many confuse ‘simple’ with ‘takes no effort’, and this is sort of a fundamental misunderstanding. It will take time and effort, and there is usually no shortcuts.

If you want to do something by yourself, it can usually be done with less effort.  Look at what is available and make time for what you can do that is viable as a beginning, everything has to start somewhere. But whatever it is, it will need time and resources and those have to be taken from somewhere else. So you might actually have to start by sacrificing something else to make room for the change.

We tend to be social animals, and not everything can be done alone, or is so much fun alone. In one way, it is the same process: If you want something which is not there, you can begin to create it. Again, there has to be time and resources free for this purpose, and work has to be done to make changes. To talk about ‘I wish there was ….. here’ won’t make a difference. (Nor will reframing your view on the conditions magically create a cooking club or whatever it is you feel is missing in your world.)

The boring organising, travel, gathering materials and/or persons, cleaning up etc part of any activity actually has to be done. If you are very lucky, you can simply go to something arranged by others and leave when it is over, but if not, it doesn’t mean this thing can’t happen. Only that your work is required to make it a reality. Also, that something is arranged by others now, does not mean it will exist forever. It is important to think of what one wants to keep existing, too. World maintenance, if you want. So if you are lucky enough to actually have something interesting going on locally, you should help support it. Others are doing so already, its activity does not happen or keep existing automatically and on its own, no matter how magically-oriented it is.

Regardless of if you join in supporting something existing or start something new,  you actively begin to create the world you want to live in, with more of what you want to exist.

It need not be something grand to make a difference. Any tiny improvement is a lot better than none, and they tend to add up. Results might be slow to show some times, and things some times happen in very roundabout ways. But there is a tendency in some to meet any beginning with ‘it is no point, because…’ and then they will generally present their own excuse for not doing things. Which is just that, their excuse, and not relevant for you.


I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that you can actually decide a lot more than you think when it comes to what your world will look like, without any reframing involved. But as a lot of things it comes with a price, to be able to decide,  you have to put in the necessary effort and being willing to risk not succeeding or immediate results. It be on your own, making a new little structure, or in aiding something existing to continue existing.

Beginning something is likely to attract others, but this is not something you will know until you try something new and keep at it. Again, you have to start doing something before there will be changes in your world. If you decide what you want and what changes you want, the result is more likely to be the type of Change you wish for, than not.



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