The God-box

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There is often talk on the LHP about self deification and/or becoming a god. When I hear that I immediately want to ask “what is that based on?” Is it something you read about, heard from someone, or an experience that you are exploring? Any one of them is ok, just be clear about where it’s coming from. If it came from a book, then how is this version different than any other religious dogma that’s been written down? If you heard it from someone, are they a reliable source? If an experience, was it a waking vision, a dream or drugs? Why are you giving it any credence?

Most people who are not initiates, when they even bother to think about God, go to what I call the God box to come up with a platitude for what it might be. The God box is also a concept I use to remind myself that if I want to become a god, then I need to define for myself what it actually means? Is there even such a thing as a god?

Imagine a box that has been filled up over the years with what I believe god is. He lives in the clouds, he’s all knowing, the fucker works in mysterious ways… Shake the box up, put your hand in and pull something out, and you now know what God is for today! It’s a mish-mash of beliefs picked up over the years and not worth much.

The examples above point to my own Roman Catholic upbringing. Even though I’ve let much of it go, it still affects me in a subconscious way at times. From churches all over the place with their dominant mass (1) for everyone to see, imposing the belief that their version is the real one, to the underlying concept of good and evil. This applies mostly in North America, other countries may deal with it differently.

Looking at my own God-box has helped me root out the garbage beliefs that I’ve held on to for a while. It’s been a useful filter or mental model to use whenever I think of god or self deification. It puts whatever information I get about gods in a better light so that they can then be examined.

What is a God?

A creator, a deliverer of goods? Having great and new thoughts is one thing, delivering them into this world is another. Is being a creator enough to be considered a god? What is a God from a God’s point of view?

A god as I see it is mostly a mental construct that has been used to control the masses. Humans have the habit of generalizing things and then placing it in a box. Boxes need to be unpacked and cleaned out once in a while. Treasures might be found in them, but it’s often just stuff that needs to be tossed out.

What if, instead of trying to be a god, a person starts working at lining up with that deep something within the self, and discover where that goes? Doing it this way I’ve been able to continue my explorations without the god dilemma infringing into my world.

Becoming a god seems to be an unworkable venture because of it’s basis in other people’s beliefs instead of it being your own. Personally, I don’t even want to use the god word. I’d rather discover who I am and what my potential is. I prefer the thought of becoming Sovereign over all that I am able to, instead of calling myself a god. Immortality of the self is more in line with what I want. Being a Sovereign means stepping out of that box and doing things my way.

What’s in your God box?

Hopefully I am not coming off as a too much of a preacher with this. It is something that I hold dear to my heart. In the end go with what you want, just be as clear as possible about why you are choosing to believe it and where it came from.

You could also forget about becoming a god and just Xeper!



(1) Dominant mass – one of the methods for grabbing attention, from the book Command to Look, by William Mortensen


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